GT Cup @ Donington Park: 25/26th April

Great weekend at Donington Park with the GT Cup cars, although it wasn’t without its mishaps;

Unfortunately an issue during testing with the engine prevented Abbie and Michael from getting out on circuit in our BMW M3 V8, however we were able to organise another similar car for a couple of sessions and on a positive note, the engine fault was found and sorted in time for the start of the race weekend.

Saturday was another day of bad luck for Abbie and Michael though; following a good free practice, Michael was on a flyer during qualifying when he came across a slower car and tried to overtake but dropped a wheel on the grass which sent him across the track and into the concrete wall. Michael was ok but the car was not so lucky. Upon inspection the car was heavily damaged and unable to continue racing for the rest of the weekend.

Fortunately alternative vehicles were sorted for some racing to be undertaken over the weekend and the good news is that Abbie was able to come home in 2nd place in GTB in the first race – what a result. A well needed reward to the GSR team after our hard work trying to repair the V8 M3 in vain and then prepping the M3 GTA car for Abbie to race.