2nd and 4th in GT Cup Class for Abbie Eaton at Snetterton

Excellent finishes for Abbie at Snetterton this last weekend in the GT Cup; read her report here …..

“Well what a full on weekend at Snetterton!
Firstly Michael had a coming together with another car in the 50 minute race which had pretty terminal effects on the car. The Geoff Steel Racing boys worked till the early hours making the car useable for the Sunday races – huge pat on the back to them! & Thank you to Trevor @ TJ Motorsport for providing us with some materials to help do this!
The main intention was to shake the car down after Saturdays shunt and having never driven the 300 circuit in the dry I knew I wouldn’t be right on the pace but wasn’t too worried as the races would be wet.
I struggled with understeer for the full session but decided to stay out circulating and familiarising myself with the track as it would have taken too much of the session altering the car. Qualifying 6th in group – disappointing but to be expected!
Race 1
It was a last minute decision what tyres to put onto the car as it was in the between stage of being dry and only slippery. We opted for our worn wets.
I acclimatised to the wet conditions on the first few laps and tried to push on throughout the race but yet again had a few understeer issues which I put down to the worn front wets as it was now raining heavily.
I brought the car home in 4th position and 11th overall – Not a bad place to start in race 2.
Race 2
Now the track was fully wet we opted for our brand spanking new wets and with starting higher up the grid and with my first session of wet driving under my belt I felt confident that I could get more out of myself and the car.
I got a good start and fought my way up the grid, it took a while to pass a couple of cars which let Class leader John Saunders pull a little gap with the GTO Aston of Bailey in between us.
The rest of the race was spent ‘yoyo-ing’ with the Aston as he powered away down the straights and I caught him up in the corners.
A little frustrating that the class leader was just out of my reach! But all in all 2nd in class and 6th overall was a VERY good result considering the state the car was in on Saturday. Also promising that I was the 4th quickest car overall too…I do love tricky conditions!
Once again a big thank you to the GSR team for their continued hard work. My friends and family, my sponsors and in particular Mick & Ellie @ Southern Waste Management and also to Gary, my heart goes out to them after coming all the way back from a gorgeous holiday for a mechanical failure in Qualifying. Also to Guy Sheppard for your support!
Having just scraped through to race this round every little really does help and without all of your support I wouldn’t be able to show what I can do.
Lets hope I can make Brands Hatch in 3 weeks!