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BMW E86 Z4 Roof Skin

BMW E86 Z4 Roof Skin


BMW E86 Z4 Roof Skin

Designed to reduce weight from the highest point of the chassis, and so improving handling, braking and acceleration due to lowering the cars centre of gravity

Manufactured purely from carbon fibre (fibreglass also available) this is a stunning item which is both functional and aesthetically pleasing

Our carbon roof is a replacement item, the steel skin is removed.

This item is manufactured using high quality, UV resistant resins and so there is no issue of the roof becoming “milky” after prolonged time in the sun

It can be manufactured in 2×2 twill or plain weave carbon, or GRP/fibreglass





  • Material: Carbon Fibre, Plain Weave, 2×2 Twill or GRP/Fibreglass
  • Weight: 2kgs Approx.
  • Colours: Available in black or white gel coat, or carbon weave (carbon weave only available as finish when carbon fibre selected as material)
  • Availability: Manufacture to distribution approx. 1 to 4 weeks. (Please contact us directly if you require parts by a specific date as we will always endeavour to meet requirements)


As all Geoff Steel Carbon products are bespoke hand laid pieces, you are advised that minor adjustments may be required at the time of installation.

Where holes are required, as standard we leave this blank, so on installation they can be drilled once in position.

Due to the nature of the material used in all carbon fibre and fibreglass products, it is of upmost importance to not only store items correctly (i.e. weight/pressure spread evenly) but on receipt of the items fit them as soon as possible. Incorrect storage can lead to items becoming misshaped thus creating a problem when fitting.

If you are unsure about how to fit your Geoff Steel Carbon products, then please feel free to contact us directly (see Contact) for advice. If you are in the UK we can quote to fit the products, otherwise any competent car body shop would be able to undertake this task.


Geoff Steel Carbon products are designed and manufactured for use on track and race cars only. Any use on highways is at own risk

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